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  • Ad-ver-sary / Antigen Shift KINETIK 5.0

     Ad-ver-sary / Antigen Shift   KINETIK 5.0

    Absolutely wonderful performance by Jairus Khan and Nick Theriault at Kinetik festival v5.0 in Montreal on Thursday night, May 17th, 2011.

    Lots of great sounds and some glimpses of new tracks from their collaboration together. 

    And then the final song of the set... "Friends of Father" accompanied by a backing video produced to address and hopefully create a discussion around some of the issues currently facing the industrial scene.

    It was, in a word, EPIC. 

    You can find the video here.

    And you can find an interview by I Die:You Die with Jairus where he discusses why he chose to make this video here.